2nd Annual Family and Closely Held Business Summit

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Garvey Schubert Barer is proud to co-host its 2nd Annual Family and Closely Held Business Summit with USI Kibble & PrenticeBader Martin, and BMO Capital Markets held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington.

The Pacific Northwest has the highest concentration of family owned and closely held businesses in the country. Perhaps this is due to the vestiges of the frontier spirit, which is still visible in the culture of entrepreneurship that is characteristic of our region. The Summit will consist of national keynote speakers and top-level family and closely held business advisors, and is geared towards providing actionable, practicable information for family or closely held businesses. It will address the pressing issues impacting these enterprises now and in the future, including the pertinent issues surrounding the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

Constructive, dynamic and practical, the Summit will kick off with one of the most knowledgeable and connected Washington, D.C. power brokers, Michael Boland from Dome Advisors LLC, who will speak on what the various election outcomes mean for the business economy, then segue into thought-provoking presentations from family and closely held business advisors from law, accounting, private equity and insurance who will discuss hot topics. In addition, a roundtable panel with regional CEOs will offer unique perspectives and tell stories of succession planning and exit strategies.

To round out the Summit, Anna Liotta, a leading authority on intergenerational communication and management, will share her deep understanding of generational demographics and dynamics. Anna has assisted family and closely held business in crossing generational divides to ensure trust and long-term success – and she will also provide tips on how to manage millennials!

The Summit will be action packed with interactive discussion, learning, and sharing of topical issues and solutions to some of the challenges of owning, running and transitioning a family or closely held business. The Summit’s program below details the following topics and speakers for the day.

Our opening keynote speaker, Michael Boland, Founder of Dome Advisors LLC will present on The Long March to the 2016 Elections and The Economy.

  • Estate and Business Succession Planning Hot Topics: Uncertainty Ahead
    Rochelle L. Haller and Harold E. Snow, Jr. | Owners, Garvey Schubert Barer
  • Many Exits – Which Is Right for You?
    Roundtable panel featuring regional CEOs who will discuss their experiences with different types of exits
  • The Economic Implications of Advancing Technology
    Thomas McLoughlin | Co-Head of the CIO Fundamental Research, UBS
  • Shareholder Agreements: Passing the Buck, Or Not…
    Rod Bench | Princial, Pillar International Insurance Advisors
  • Partnering with Private Equity
    Cameron M. Hewes | Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, BMO Capital Markets
  • Preserving Family Wealth: Tax Strategies for Family Business Transfers in 2016 and Beyond
    David A. Stiefel | Managing Principal, Bader Martin
  • Managing Generational Differences in Your Business
    Anna Liotta, Author & National Speaker

To register, please visit www.2016fchbsummit.eventbrite.com. Space is limited.

We look forward to seeing you there!

-Garvey Schubert Barer, Bader Martin, BMO Capital Markets & USI Kibble & Prentice

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2015 Family and Closely Held Business Summit

2 3

Garvey Schubert Barer and strategic partners Bader Martin, C.O.O. Services, Greene Holcomb Fisher, and USI Kibble & Prentice held the inaugural Family and Closely Held Business Summit at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle on November 5th, 2015. The summit addressed pressing issues that family and closely held business owners face today and will face in the future as they seek to grow sustainably and ensure that businesses remain a positive opportunity for generations.

The summit included presentations from professional advisors within various sectors, such as law, accounting, consulting, investment banking, private equity and insurance, as well as an interactive panel to stimulate ideas and discussion. GSB’s Hal Snow and Rochelle Haller presented on the topic of “Estate Planning for Business Owners – You Made it…Do You Want to Keep It?”, and David Smith presented “Privacy in the World of Hackers: Preventing and Responding to Security Breaches”, as part of the panel discussion on “Cyberattacks on the Rise: How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Manage Risk and Survive a Breach” along with Michael Basilicato from Bader Martin and Scott Summers from USI Kibble & Prentice.


Other presentations included:

How to Plan for the Transfer of a Business

Preserving Value: Tax Considerations in Family Business Transitions

Business Transitions, M&A, Recapitalizations, and Other Available Transac­tions for Liquidity and Transferring Ownership

When Legacy Matters — A Succession Plan that Protects a Business

5Cyberattacks on the Rise: How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Manage Risk and Survive a Breach panel

Security Panel: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

Cyber Attacks on the Rise: Insurance Perspective and Recommendations

Attendee reaction was very positive, and sentiment indicated that the event should be expanded to include a full day of topics in 2016. The GSB FCHB Practice Group is already working on the next year’s event!

For questions, please contact Hal Snow at 206.816.1418 or hsnow@gsblaw.com, Rochelle Haller at 206.816.1416 or rhaller@gsblaw.com, and David Smith at 206.816.1392 or dsmith@gsblaw.com.

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